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Sidechain Security Assessments

Deploying complex data platforms is hard. Securing them? Overwhelming.

What’s the security posture of your Big Data deployment?

If you’re like other companies, a good portion of sensitive data ends up in applications and data platforms like Couchbase or DataStax. You have audit and compliance requirements around that data, and thus must adequately prove the security posture of those platforms.

Sidechain Security Assessments enable you to understand, and remediate, security risk with key data-centric applications and data platforms.

Our expert security engineers evaluate your implementation against a comprehensive list of security controls, best practices, and field-tested recommendations. We provide you a Security Assessment Report that illustrates where your risks lay with that application, enabling you to quantify your risk and apply remediation. When auditors ask, you’re ready to show exactly how these platforms are secured.

Learn more about the Security Assessments we offer:

  • Couchbase

  • Cassandra

  • DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC)

  • DataStax Enterprise