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Vormetric Evaluations and PoC’s

Is Vormetric the right fit for your organization?

Evaluating new technology is more than just understanding features. It’s matching up the capabilities of the product with your requirements, understanding what the ramp is to implement, and what it will take to manage the tech over time.

It’s also about building a relationship with the vendor. No partner works closer with Thales than us, and we can help forge that relationship on your behalf.

We provide the following services to assist with your Vormetric evaluations:

  • Guide your organization through a Vormetric evaluation, for both net-new and expansion purchases.

  • Help create requirements and success criteria for the evaluation

  • Rapid setup and deployment in your lab

  • Overview of key features and capabilities

  • Help coordinate a meaningful proof-of-concept that demonstrates value

  • Expert guidance on all Vormetric products

  • Insight into how other organizations are using Vormetric and recommended best practices and use cases

Contact us today to get started with a Vormetric evaluation.

Sidechain is the “anti-reseller.”

Most VAR’s have product catalog’s with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of products in them. As a result, they are an expert in none. We take the opposite approach. We focus strictly on Vormetric, and we lead with value-added services. We resell Vormetric as a convenience to our clients, not as a core requirement of our business.

Committing to a data security technology that you are successful with for years to come is no easy task.

Before you embark on your evaluation of Vormetric, contact us and let’s talk about your goals. We’re sure we can help put you on the right path.