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Vormetric Managed Service

All of the benefit, none of the work.

Many organizations want to leverage the power of Vormetric, but don’t want to retain the full time staff required to manage it. Our Vormetric Managed Service offering enables Sidechain to be your Vormetric team. We take care of all ongoing management and maintenance of Vormetric on your behalf, coordinate encryption activities, help with deployments, streamline operations, and provide regular reporting and auditing.

Our Vormetric Managed Service is a natural option for organizations that:

  • Do not have in-house Vormetric expertise
  • Have difficulty retaining Vormetric staff
  • Don’t have the bandwidth to manage yet another product
  • Simply want to leverage expert Vormetric management and best practices
Vormetric Managed Services includes:
  • Data Security Manager setup and administration

  • Full support for encryption activities

  • Standard engagement process and runbooks developed

  • Integrates with your current change management process

  • Works with your business to implement encryption successfully, minimizing disruption to business processes

“Retaining security tool admins is difficult. Every time we train up an administrator on Vormetric, they leave. Having Sidechain manage Vormetric for us means I can put staff on general roles and know the product is managed.”

— East-coast banking client

Let’s make sure your data is secured the right way.

Retaining staff dedicated to security products is risky and expensive. Administrators can easily be snatched up by another company, or may accept an offer from the vendor themselves. Our managed service offering lowers your staffing costs, as well as reduces the risk of turnover. We integrated closely with your current business processes, and help guide the implementation of encryption anywhere you need it. Best of all, when critical business applications are on the line, you’ll have the peace of mind that things are done right, by the experts.

Contact us to learn more about our Vormetric Managed Service offering.